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Person of Interest: Diana Jackson- Author

Here is the 3rd in my series about people who are living their dream and following their passion!

Diana Jackson hails from the United Kingdom – Bedfordshire to be exact… but considers her spiritual home to be in Alderney (a small island off tDiana Jacksonhe coast of France- in the Channel Islands – sounds heavenly!) She is the author of the Riduna book series

What inspired Diana to start writing and How was a title chosen for the first book?

The Island of Alderney of course! Once she discovered that her Great Grandmother was born there she was drawn to research Alderney’s history.. The novel was a natural result!
Riduna is the Roman name for this island. and the islanders have often been called Ridunains. Since so much was written about WW2 occupation, she wanted something to romanticize the island instead.

Marketing tips and successes?

Diana dug in and focused on book launches, art fairs and book signings , Her online presence includes Twitter and Facebook.
Her greatest pleasure comes from receiving emails from enthusiastic readers and speaking to people at events.
Diana’s most heartwarming success to date is the compiling of a memoir. This memoir features a 103 year old gentleman named Norman whose memories pre date World War One!. The time spent with Norman was a labour of love.  ‘The Life and Demise of Norman Campbell… is available now.  It sounds fascinating. I have to purchase and read it myself!

What Drives Diana to continue in the direction of  her dream?

There is no alternative. Diana loves writing! She hears words, phrases, descriptions everywhere.

Diana, what’s your Best Advice to others who wish to write and publish?

Pay for an expert to make your book as professional as you can. After the first book, you may want to attempt it on your own, but the exposure and help is worth the money initially.  
Find a support group to share your joys and frustrations along the path. (This applies to jewelers too… and any others who especially work on their own)

Diana’s other passions?

Gardening, growing her own vegetables and cooking with them. Sounds yummy!

For more information on Diana see the links below.


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