Posted by: alenegeed | August 19, 2013

NEW! ‘Dare to Dream’ Jewelry Collection

Here we go again.. Another new collection!

The ideas and designs ooze out of me and there is no stopping the flow.

This latest collection embodies all that I stand for as a jewelry designer.

Dare To Dream Pendant

Copper and Sterling Pendant

Dare to Dream is the collection that represents our desire to dream and our wish to allow our  dreams to permeate our existence, grow, expand, morph into even bigger dreams and become reality.
My very first experiment (after taking several classes) was one involving fusing metals to create a design. I got the idea from one of the books I found early on.  Getting Started Making Metal Jewelry by Mark Lareau.  FYI, this is a great beginners book for those interested in metals.
He suggested fusing several scraps of sterling onto a backing. I tried this and created my very own Picasso-esk piece.  Cool!  
This process has become a mainstay in my design process… I experiment constantly and am always amazed at the twists and turns the piece takes before the final design is ready.
Every design is a limited Edition of ONE. 
Dare To Dream Sterling CZ closeup

Sterling and CZ Pendant

The fusing process is like our dreams… it starts with a concept (in this case my idea for the piece) and then it takes its own leap into the final design; one that I could not have imagined or predicted!
Fusing involves lots of HEAT in order to bring the metal to almost melting point. … Just like the path towards our dreams. We may experience ‘heat’ or obstacles along the way and yet our desire pushes us ahead.

Wear your selection as a reminder to Dream Big and Take the Leap forward!

Copper, Sterling and Vinegar/Ammonia Patina

Copper, Sterling and Vinegar/Ammonia Patina

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean” Christopher Reeve

Check out all the designs at Dare to Dream

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