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Person of Interest: Nina Soden – Author

This blog series highlights those who are living their dream and following their passion.

Nina Soden

Nina Soden

Nina Soden is the author of the Blood Angel series of books. She currently lives in the South (USA) but is at home wherever she is… as long as it is with family!

What inspired Nina to start writing?

Nina did theater while in college, then moved to Los Angeles to break into the film industry. While she did not become a headliner, Nina was in a few films and lots of commercials. The Southern USA does not offer as many film opportunities so Nina started writing poetry… publishing her first book several years ago. Then she developed a passion for writing young adult fantasy and never looked back!

How is the book series marketed?

Nina is self published and so relies on her Blog, Facebook page and Twitter account to promote her books. She is a strong believer in helping other authors, too. “What goes around, comes around”

What drives Nina to continue in the passion of her dream?

There is no other option! Nina states ” If you arent doing what you love then there is no reason to do anything at all” Her passion for writing is so important that she finds the time, resources and money to pursue them.


Nini Soden book Beginnings_-_ResizeCover

Her first book, AWAKEN and her second book BEGINNINGS are both available on Amazon!

Great accomplishment, Nina. Congratulations!

What advice does NIna offer to others?


What’s next?

The 3rd book in the series, REVENGE is half done and so many more stories are dancing around in Nina’s head… Sounds like this series (and a stand alone or two?) will continue to fuel Nina for quite some time!

Links to Nina

Nina’s BLOG



Amazon books

Hope you enjoyed this 4th ‘Person of Interest’ installment!   Tune in for future posts.   Check out my jewelry designs, too.


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