Posted by: alenegeed | August 27, 2013

Relaxation by Button the Cat – Guest Post

My name is Button (the cat) and I have been asked by my human Mom to write this post about the art of relaxation.

Perhaps you are aware that cats are experts in this field.. and I revel in this knowledge. Relaxing (anywhere, anytime) is 2nd nature to me.

relaxing after some strenuous play

Here I will share some of my tips to help you in your pursuit of relaxation.

It seems to me that humans are more about DOING and less about BEING… and you really have that backwards.

Doing is great when you are so motivated. I for one love to play a lot. I chase bugs, play with my feather toy and anything else in the house that piques my interest at the moment

relaxing on the rock

That being said, I always take time to relax… sometimes up to 18 hours a day!   Even this Rock under my head doesn’t stop me. I can be comfortable anywhere.

Humans have a saying that is so true.. “If you want to find the most comfortable place in the house.. Look for the cat.”

We just have a knack for finding all the comfy places.

How does this help you humans?? 

First of all take the time to observe your cat (if you are one of the lucky ones who is owned by a cat)

If not, then observe your baby sleeping… or go outside and look at the sunset or sunrise. Sit on the beach and listen to waves.  

Taking it easy is vital to the human psyche. I observe my human often wrestling with something. (i don’t understand your language, so can only go by observation of her behavior.  When she finally decides to give up the ghost and pet me (that’s the best time) or take a nap, then I can tell when she awakes that she is relaxed and brimming with insight, ideas and passion. If she would not have taken the time to step away, then she would be even more stressed..and I would not get petted (as is my right as her owner)    

So take a tip from another species who knows their stuff.   TAKE IT EASY!

button in the box

If you are still not convinced see below for more photos of me relaxing! Trust me you will thank me for this tip.

And I do mean anywhere!


  1. THIS is the BEST ONE YET I love it

  2. Precious and so very true! A great reminder to stop, and take in the beauty of our creatures and the creation!

  3. Love this article plus the pictures. Dogs are the very same way. We should take more advise from our loving pets. Stop, rest and smell the roses. We are only on this earth for a certain amount of time. Great article.

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