Posted by: alenegeed | September 3, 2013

Storage Tips for Jewelry Designers

Getting organized is always the challenge in any business.

For my jewelry design business it is even more vital.

storage solutions for blog2

Since I am not at the bench every day. (I still have a ‘normal’ job too) it takes me about an hour each time just to figure out where I left off the last time.

Once I discovered these stacking larger sized containers, my life got so much easier.

The stacking element allows me to keep them on the bench without taking up too much space.   When I am envisioning a design, I like to cut out pieces (paper or cardboard) so see how they work together first.

I have never been much of a sketcher.. my drawing skills are atrocious! Being able to cut out the shapes I am considering and then recreating them from Silver or Copper works wonders. 

If it is an unusual design/process then I work with copper first to test it out.

These stacking containers each house either a piece I am working on.. or a series of pieces that I want to work with over the next month or so. 

Here you can see several of the upcoming projects

storage solutions for blog projects

including 3 red creek jasper pendants, picture jasper pendant and earrings, New ‘Dare to Dream’ pendant with amethyst and an amazing Druzy piece I purchased last year in Tucson.

storage solutions for blog red Creek

Since each has it’s own separate container, I am able to easily pick up where i left off last time I was at the bench. Saves so much time!

The image to the right shows the Red Creek Jasper cabochons just awaiting my inspiration to turn into designs!

The containers in this 2 1/2″ size were not easy to find. I scoured several web sites including craft stores. Many carry the tinier sizes but those won’t work well for the projects I have. Finally found these at Fire Mountain Gems.

For storing my smaller components. (Smaller cabochons, stock bezel or tube settings and more, these containers with the clear lids work perfectly. They can be stored in a drawer and pulled out where needed. I found these at Micromark, but have seen them on other sites or catalogs.

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  1. I have used the smaller ones for keeping my different solders in. I use a magic marker and label the top in the color I use to mark me solders with. Each type of solder has a different color on it so when I find a lost piece of solder laying around I know where it is supposed to live.

  2. Hi Alene

    Great advice. I also struggle with keeping organized and love the idea of having a work in progress in the stacking containers. Mi have used the smaller ones for beads but never seen larger ones. I generally resort to ziplock bags for unfinished projects but they just don’t really do the job! Thank you for sharing!

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