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Person of Interest: Calla Gold – Jewelry Designer

Calla Gold is the next in my series of people who are living their dream and following their passion.Calla Gold owner of Calla Gold Jewelry at Women's Festival 2013, LA Blue Photography (200x300)

Calla Gold Jewelry is located in picturesque Santa Barbara, California.

How did her business get started and named?

Calla has been selling jewelry for over 30 years. 24 years ago she became a jewelry designer and subsequently wrote her E-book, The Language of Jewelry Design.  The book gives a step by step process for communicating with your jewelry designer, when ordering a custom engagement or wedding ring.
She realized that young girls (or women of any age for that matter) did not often know a prong setting from a bezel setting. So Calla created photographic examples to share with her buyers.  The book was created to help clients who contacted her first. However, the opposite has happened. Since Calla offers a free download of the book, she has found that future clients download and read the book first… and then contact her for their custom rings. In fact, her wedding ring business has tripled since the E-book went up on the site!
The Business name was easy to determine. Calla knew that her name was the brand that people would remember. (A last name of GOLD doesn’t hurt either)

What drives Calla to continue in the direction of her dream?

The love of Being able to design, write and help others receive the perfect rings for their special wedding day.

What about mentors and Heroes?

The list is very long. Calla has been helped and supported by many people along her path.  Three of note are:
  • The publishers of Entrepreneur Magazine – The magazine inspired Calla to start her first two businesses… at 19 years old!
  • Peggy Jo Donahue and MJSA Journal. Peggy’s encouragement provides many opportunities including quotes and articles in the magazine and participation in a Jewelers Forum
  • Calla’s Mom. As a single Mom she managed to follow her dream to dance… in spite of family disapproval. So inspiring!

Calla’s advice to other entrepreneurs?


Put yourself out there.

Ask questions.

Answer questions.

Learn and Teach.

Passions not related to Jewelry?

Hiking, reading, photography, singing and performing, studying words and language, spending time with family… and more.

Wow!! Talk about living a full and productive life!  Calla’s Entrepreneurial spirit permeates her existence. She is a an extraordinary example of how we all should be living our lives.

Links to Calla.

Calla Gold Website
Facebook page
Calla Gold Blog
Article on

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  1. Hello Alene, thank you for doing the profiles you do.
    I’m thrilled to be this edition’s person of interest. Thank you for the honor.

  2. It was my pleasure Calla.

  3. Great article full of inspiration for a person starting out in the jewelry business. Thanks so much.

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  5. It is great that you are doing this for people. It helps promote them and tells people who they are.

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