Posted by: alenegeed | October 9, 2013

The Libra Personality & Gemstones for your Sign

Libra Babies are celebrating birthdays now!
The official date date range is September 23 – October 22nd.

libra scale

Are you one of those people who always has the right words and know how to make others feel comfortable?

Then you are a true Libra!

The Scales are the symbol for this Air sign.. Balance is important to you!  Some of you do seek perfection, which can be maddening to those who are close to you. (didn’t anyone tell you that there is no such thing as human perfection??) 

You love having a partner. It is rare to find a LIbra that relishes being alone for any period of time. This also makes you a great team player. You tend to be objective, diplomatic  and fair.

Ok, you sound terrific.. but do you have any faults??  You can become detached and appear indecisive.. Not too bad overall.

And what about gems? After all I am a jeweler and have to bring this up too.

You lucky Libra’s have OPAL and JADE to represent your sun sign.


Opal has a luminescent quality that distinguishes it from any pretenders.

jade earrings

 Did you know that opal usually contains 5-10% water? The combination of hardened silica gel and water create the ‘opalescence’

Jade has been used for centuries in hardstone carvings. Gorgeous artifacts from China and India in particular feature jade.

Jade is a protective stone, said to protect the wearer from harm and to attract good luck and friendship.


check out my web site for jade and Opal jewelry.

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