Posted by: alenegeed | October 29, 2013

Guess the number of BEADS in the Vase!

Time for a little fun and prizes!

I gathered beads of all shapes and size & put them in this crystal vase.  Now it is up to YOU to determine how many BEADS I used!Bead Photo full

Here is the first image. Three  more from different angles.. and a few clues.. are posted below.

So first the payoff to the winners.. After all .. it fun to guess but even more fun to WIN!

The persons that guess the numbers closest to the correct one win

FIRST PRIZE: $100 gift certificate to

2ND PRIZE:  $75.00 gift certificate to

3RD PRIZE: Deluxe Leather Jewelry Roll. Perfect for travel.  $70 Value

4TH PRIZE: Free Pair of Earrings (your choice $50 or under) from .. you guessed it..

5TH PRIZE:  A signed copy of my book. ‘Inside the Mind of A Jewelry Designer’  $22 value.

AND EVERYONE WHO ENTERS will receive a 30% off PROMO CODE to use for anything on my Web sitel  (remember the Holidays are fast approaching.. Jewelry makes a great gift)

bead jar contest reva

Leave your answer as a comment below and it will be recorded. You may also email me your answer


The Crystal jar has a 4″ diameter at top and bottom.

At the Center  the jar curves and reduces to a 3 1/2″ diameter

bead jar executor

The crystal jar is 6 1/2″ tall from the top of the base.

The number of beads is somewhere between 250 and 1200.bead jar contest 1

Contest ENDS on NOVEMBER 7th.

Winners and promo code will be announced on November 10th.  GOOD LUCK to Everyone! Have Fun with this.

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  1. I think there are 653 beads in the jar!! (Okay, I just hope there are 653-who really knows?! YOU DO!) Kathy

    • 822 beads! Deb Green-Bryant

  2. 473

  3. Hi Alene, My guess is 325 beads. How fun!


  4. 401

  5. 2013
    Hope all is well !!!!

  6. The winning number is 549!

  7. Virginia(Ginny) Oct. 30th. 5:47 am. The winning number is 375 beads!!!

  8. My guess is 896. What a fun idea.

  9. I am guessing 354 beads!

  10. 347

  11. My guess is 637.

  12. My guess is 567!

  13. My guess is 466! Haev a great day!!!

  14. 1083

  15. My guess is 636!

  16. 490 beads – I’m hoping!!

    • Jeannie
      Congratulations! You are the first prize winner of the contest! I will send you a private email with details. Number of beads is 499 and you guessed 490

  17. 701 beads in the jar.

  18. 612, I’m thinking 🙂

  19. I thhik it 781 beads.

  20. I guess 1,420 maybe.

  21. 566 for the beads

  22. I think there are 996 beads. Thank you for telling me about the contest.

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