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Person of Interest; Myria Mandell – Jewelry Designer and Author

Myria Mandell is next in my series of people who are following their passion and living their dream.

myria Mandell

Myria hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico

She started writing poetry at 9 years old. (Yes… NINE years old, really!)  She was encouraged to continue writing early on when one of her poems was published in her Elementary School Literary Journal. What an amazing accomplishment for someone so young!
Her Book of Poems ‘Little Pieces of Me – Poems and Confessions‘ was published at age 22.  In addition to being available on Amazon, Myria also created a custom website for her book. 
Little Pieces of Me

Little Pieces of Me

However, Myria did not stop there! She has also become an accomplished Jewelry Designer.

How did she get started designing?

When Myria was 19 years old, she purchased a batch of turquoise, amethyst and tigers’ eye beads for a whopping $5.00! Her parents supported her by providing gift certificates to a local Jewelry Supply company called Mama’s Minerals

beloved bijou profile image

In 2010 Myria officially launched Beloved Bijou Adornments. She chose the name to help people identify her with beloved sparkly jewelry!

What Drives Myria to continue in the direction of her dream?

Myria is a creative person. Her mother got her interested in sewing and arts/crafts and the age of 3. (just in case you thought that 9 years was young!)
Her motivation comes from the creative drive within that will not be silenced! She also credits her lack of funds at times as a motivation to find a way to make and design what she cannot purchase.  After all Necessity IS the mother of Invention!

Can you share some of your successes and tell us about your Heroes?

Myria is a full-time working mother (in addition to her jewelry design and writing career). Her 3 year old daughter keeps her motivated and energized, too.
Myria’s mother and grandmother stand out as heroes and mentors. They taught her how to create and make things. Both her mother and grandmother were creative out of necessity… inspiring Myria to continue the tradition

Want to know more about Myria? Find out all about her at the following links.

Facebook                                              Twitter                           BLOG                   Poetry

Web Site                                             Etsy Site

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  1. I dont know how you find these people but I love this thing you do

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