Posted by: alenegeed | January 20, 2014

Person of Interest: Lucy Brookes; Owner Eternal Tools

Lucy Brookes is next in my series of people who are following their passion and living their dream.

Lucy Brookes

Lucy is the owner of Eternal Tools -based in Oxfordshire, UK.  I met Lucy through one of my LinkedIn discussion groups and was immediately taken with her. She is constantly adding value to many discussions as well as starting some of her own thought provoking and informative discussions.
How did her Business begin?
In 1999 her husband followed his passion in horology and began designing clocks and watch repair tools. From then the business naturally expanded to inventing and creating more tools… not only for clock/watch fanatics, but also for lapidarists and jewelers.  And this year it is celebrating 15 years in business.

And the origin of the name?

Well that was easy! the tools are made of hard, high quality materials that last ‘eternally’!   Perhaps not quite that long, but you get the idea.

What Drives Lucy and her husband to continue in the direction of their dream?

Encouragement of others tops the list. Followed by the close second of the desire to keep learning.

Lucy’s best advice when is comes to building your own business?

  • Never stop listening and learning!!
  • Listen to your customers. Treat them as you wish to be treated
  • Keep up with current trends in technology and marketing.
  • Don’t take short cuts.  The short cut today always turns into more work or unfavorable comments down the road.

What’s next?

Eternal Tools has just launched a new website with lots of new features to make it more user friendly for customers all over the world.  And new tool inventions are being manufactured… stay tuned for more details.

Lucy’s other passions??

Jewelry making… of course!!, sculpting, art, singing, swing dancing, yoga, travel and walking in the mountains!  OK Lucy, WHEN DO YOU HAVE TIME TO SLEEP??

Want to get in touch with Lucy and Eternal Tools? Here are the links.Eternal_Tools_Logo


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  1. You have nice work, other kinds of jewelry you make, I am in Lima-Peru.
    Warm regards

    Gregory Marino.

  2. How nice to get to know Lucy and here about Eternal Tools. I see why you wanted to share her with us Alene!

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