Posted by: alenegeed | June 15, 2014

Got the ‘Ain’t Got No Inspiration Blues?

3 easy ways to get your inspirational juices flowing.

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Whether we are an artist, author or entrepreneur.. the passion we feel sometimes takes a day (or a week) off. Those are the times that I feel most blocked. I don’t seem to find the flashes of inspiration I am so used to experiencing. I can sit down at my jeweler’s bench or at my computer as many times  as I want and … NOTHING!

So I have learned over time to step away. No amount of TIME is going to fix my slump.

However, these 3 tricks have helped me to get back into the flow. 

1) Take a Hike!

Or a walk, stroll, bike ride, swim, Zumba class … anything that makes your physical body move. I don’t know all the scientific reasons that this works. I just know it does. I get my mind off of my lack of motivation and my body thanks me for giving it exercise. Often times during the hike I will get my inspirational moment. At any rate I now feel great again and that is the first step to getting back into the swing of things.

2) Watch Shark Tank.

I absolutely LOVE this show. I love watching other entrepreneurs. The passion they exude for their creations is so inspiring. I can even overlook Mr Wonderful giving them all such a hard time. I am sure this is the ‘drama’ that is created to keep more people watching the show. I don’t care about that. All I know for sure is that I feel completely energized and inspired after seeing others at their most creative moments. 
Kitty Button exploring my tool bag

Kitty Button exploring my tool bag

3) Play with your cat or dog.

Animals are interested and curious about everything. I can drop a twist-tie on the floor and my kitty “Button’ acts as if she has discovered gold! She can kick it around and flip it in the air for over an hour. And lets not even talk about empty boxes or bags. So much to explore. One day I even found her in my traveling tool kit.. on TOP of the large tool chest. She was having fun.
Just spend about 15 minutes observing. You will be amazed at how quickly it brings you back into creativity. Don’t have a pet? Try walking by a duck pond nearby. Or watch a bird feeder. Animals are a gift to every human being.
These are my 3 most tried and true methods of getting my MO-JO back. I know there are others that have worked for you, too. 
I would love to hear your suggestions, too!

“Above all try something.”    

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  1. I agree with all of these ~ except the shark tank maybe ~ I’d have to travel too far to get there! I’d add ‘a spot of gardening’ which usually clears the head for me 🙂

    • gardening is a great one! thanks for sharing Diana

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