Posted by: alenegeed | September 15, 2014

Copper & Sterling; Is it the New Silver & Gold?

Gold jewelry has always been coveted. And even though gold prices have come down over the last 2 years, they are still almgold imageost 3 times the price from 10 years ago.

As I write this post, the price of gold is $1229.00 and ounce.  Ten years ago it was under $500 an ounce.

I LOVE wearing beautiful baubles. In the past I eagerly purchased (and received as gifts from my hubby) gold jewelry. Since I began designing my own jewelry collection in 2007 I gravitated to Silver.
In the beginning stages, when I was taking multiple classes to improve my skills, the instructors had us experiment with copper metal before taking on Silver. (which is currently $18.50 an ounce)
I found that I really loved working with the copper. The rich color only gets richer when you add heat or other elements. The resulting colors can range anywhere from bright copper to deep red, teal blue, vibrant purple and more.    

Copper with blue patina

 Many other jewelers have started using copper as well. Who can blame us? At $3.00 a POUND, it is much more affordable for the consumer.
I love adding in Sterling silver . Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper (needed to strengthen this softer metal). The combination of the two colors is explosive!



A little bit of history:

Sprinkled Silver Fold Form2

Copper and sterling fused design Earrings

Silver was used in coinage beginning around 550 BC. IT was also popular for use in photosensitive materials used in photography. .. before the digital age! And of course silver has been used in jewelry over the ages.
 Copper was probably the first  metal to be used by humans and is considered sacred to many cultures. Copper has a natural ability to conduct electricity so, when worn, is said to harmonize the body’s energies, clearing any blockages or imbalances.

There will always be a place for gold in our bauble wardrobe of course… But consider copper for your next purchase. I think you will be surprised and delighted by your selection!

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