Posted by: alenegeed | October 27, 2014

Hitting the Wall; A Personal Journey

Two weeks ago I hit a wall. Has this ever happened to you?something fun quote

Not literally of course.. I mean everything felt like it came crashing down on me at once.  Taking into account that none of these ‘everythings’ were considered a negative. Quite the contrary.. all of the components were great!
  • My Marketing Job was in high speed. It seemed like every one of my clients had a pressing need for ideas and product.
  • I had just gotten my first wholesale account and placed product in a gift shop.
  • We were planning a reunion vacation to the East Coast.
  • I was taking 2 (yes two)  online courses for building business through social media.
  • I was finishing up my catalog/line sheet for my jewelry wholesale line
  • And I was poised to sign up for my first Wholesale Trade show.
And when our trip got cancelled due to an unexpected circumstance, I made the decision to still take 4 of the days off as vacation. Thank goodness for this!
The first day I slept. ALL DAY. The second day I watched TV. ALL DAY.  
By day 3 I came out of the fog and went out on a real date with my husband. (When WAS the last time we did that?). It was FUN. Finally I got my focus back. I opted NOT to do the wholesale show. (way too soon) and I postponed one of the online courses. Suddenly everything else seemed manageable again. The passion had returned!
Lesson learned.

STOP being a Human DOING and START being a Human BEING.  Have fun. Back off when something doesn’t feel right.. or is causing stress. There is always another opportunity in the future.


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  1. Very very good little sis!! And well said!!

  2. Wonderful!! Think we all have been overwhelmed at one time or another; it’s good to step back and take a deep breath and regroup! Glad you did

    Naomi XOXO


  3. Yes, I know how that feels! And when they’re all such awesome things hitting the break can be so hard. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 And congrats on all your wonderful successes!

  4. thanks so much Laurien!

  5. Absolutely love your “Human BEING” thought! Just last weekend, I left my phone upstairs, left the desktop off, and just did whatever i wanted all day. By the end of the day, I was a new person. I was much more productive after that break so I am “taking back my weekends” – or at least my Sundays! Thanks for the reminder that even good things can be stressful, too, Alene!

    • thanks for the feedback and your personal experience Hania. It helps to be reminded doesn’t it. All us type A personalities have a little trouble with the ‘relaxing’ part of life!

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