Posted by: alenegeed | November 3, 2014

Two Days at the Jewelry Bench… in a row!

 Are you now saying.  ‘What’s the big deal about that?’all designs for november smaller

Well for me it is extraordinary. Since I have another career that requires my attention as well, having 2 days in a row to play and design is a pleasure rarely available.
But this weekend I did just that! here are some of my treasures.
Not only did I finish up a few designs that had been in limbo for months.. I also got some new ones started!
We always need a piece that is partially done and calling to us, right?
Here is my pride and joy from the weekend. (FYI, Photos are point and shoot.. not taken with my DSLR) So cut me a little slack here.  thanks!

picture jasper with CZ new design smaller

This design has been in the works since January.  At least I can say I finished it this year, right?
I wanted to try the concept of having the clasp in the front… yet keep this a Gallery piece. The CZ gemstones (while very time consuming to add into the design) make the whole thing a work of art (if I do say so myself) I am over the top with this one!  The main gem is picture jasper. The design looks like a landscape to me. SO beautiful.
 Two new of my Sterling and Copper ‘Sprinkled Silver’ cuffs got finished. Yippee! 
cuffs and spiral earring November smallersilver designs in progress November smaller Of course I HAD to start some new projects. Here are two in the works. Both in Sterling. The left design uses druzy quartz and red creek jasper. Still a little hazy on the final design for this one. The right design is malachite with the spiral enhancement. Look for these completed designs next year.

Besides having loads of fun, what was the advantage to a 2 day concentration on my designing?

I felt much more cohesion this time. the ideas that were churning in my brain on Saturday were still there on Sunday. So I was able to implement them sooner. When I work one day a week at this, I can organize all I want but often lose the train of thought, the inspiration that was there when I started with the design.
So this is not a perfect world and I will have most ONE day sessions in the future, but sure LOVE these times when my passion can emerge and show itself!

I would love your feedback on the finished and ‘in progress’ designs.

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