Posted by: alenegeed | December 30, 2014

An Inside Peek… How I create my Designs

Did you ever wonder how a design is born? Is there some secret to the way artists create and conceive their designs?

turquoise pendant finished

I suspect every artist has their own unique process.. After all by definition we think outside the box mostly and are constantly morphing with some new concept or idea.

Many start with a sketch or drawing. I for one am challenged in that regard. My sketches tend to look like stick figures and don’t look at ALL like what I am envisioning! 

I like to start with a gemstone or metal design and work around that. So here is my proceturquoise cabachonss for this turquoise pendant.

I purchased an amazing turquoise gem and decided to make it the focal point of my new pendant.  Here is the original stone.

I knew I wanted to encase this in Silver, so created the bezel as shown.This particular bezel features a scalloped design.. which I feel enhances the stone so much.

The next step was to create the backing. I forged (hammered) the design into stturquoise original designerling silver and soldered the scalloped bezel to it. Then came the creative steps. First I drew a potential shape onto the silver.  I use sharpies for this since they will dissolve once I apply heat.

Then I thouturquoise 2nd revisionght that adding a smaller turquoise stone onto the bail (the part that attaches the piece to the chain).  this seemed like a good option but it felt that something was still not right.

The piece felt bulky and did not have enough pizazz for me. 

So I changed the entire design AGAIN! I scrapped the idea of the smaller stone, trimmed down the whole silver casing.. and then had the bright idea to add a glitzy CZ gemstone! See top of blog for the finished design.

I LOVE it! 

Such is the evolution of a design.. (at least ones by Alene’s Adornments)

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this.. Please!

For more design inspiration check out Jewelry Processes

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