Posted by: alenegeed | February 26, 2015

Person of Interest; Jewelry Designer Sandy Schenkat

Sandy Schenkat is next in my series of people who are following their passion and living their dream.

Where do you call home?  Scottsdale Arizona sandy-schenkat

How did your business begin?

Sandy retired from a 30 year Real Estate career when she decided to help jewelry artists market their work. From this beginning, Sandy determined that she really wanted to create the jewelry designs too! She began with training from Luxe Jewels and eventually created jewelry with beads from Kenya. This line is called Kenya Kasuals.   Two years later Sandy found her passion while working with Swarovski crystals! Her new designs are marketed as Heart and Soul Gems.

How did you come up with your business name?

Sandy was making lots of heart designs as well as using many of the chakra colors. Heart and Soul Gems was the natural outcome!

sandy logo

How do you market your business?

Galleries, stores and Etsy

What drives you to continue in the direction of your dream?

Sandy LOVES jewelry and loves learning new techniques. The whole process from design to sales is so much fun!

What successes would you like to share?

Do you have any mentors?

Julie Harmon, Harmon Studios has taught me many great techniques

What are your passions not related to your business?

  • On the Board of Directors for Coalition of Greater Scottsdale
  • Recently graduated from Citizens Police Academy
  • Appointed to the Judicial Appointments Advisory board for Scottsdale Court

(busy lady!)

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