Posted by: alenegeed | April 14, 2015

Drusy Quartz; Take a Closer Look

Have you seen this term before and wondered what it meant? Here’s the scoop.drusy  and opal

Drusy refers to stones that feature tiny quartz crystals forming on the surface or within a gem. This design shows it best. The tiny crystals create the glitz make this a statement pendant.  

Want mo1DRUSY standre details?  Drusy is formed when water is forced into the porous areas of the gem. After rapid cooling the tiny crystals begin to form in the cavities created by the water. For use in jewelry design, these stones tend to be more fragile than regular quartz. The stones should not be used where they may hit against hard surfaces (as in the case of a bracelet or ring) However, if the stone is mounted properly (with some protection) a ring may be OK. For example, I designed this ring with a higher bezel that folds into the stone. This helps protect against damage.

Healing properties?? You bet! Quartz itself is considered an energy amplifier. Did you know that when Acupuncture needles are coated in quartz, the effects iRed Creek Jasper Drusy ncrease by 10% (as mentioned in The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.) Drusy quartz is also said to stabilize our aura and aid in creative thinking. Cool!  I think I better wear my Drusy today!

I do love working with these stone. I feel they add a richness to the design. This pendant, while featuring Red Creek Jasper as it’s main component, is enhanced by the addition of the caramel colored drusy accent.  Did you learn something new today?

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  1. Yes I’m a big fan as well of drusy metaphysical properties! 🙂 ~ Global Jewelry

    • thanks for your comment. Yes I am addicted to them too.

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