Inside the Mind…

Creating art is not a choice like other careers; it is a “calling” that dominates our waking moments and sometimes our sleep – it’s an obsession!”   Alene

Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer

My book:  “Inside The Mind of A Jewelry Designer” Provides Insight Into Developing An Artisan’s Touch

I published this book in 2012 after deciding that I wanted to share my journey into creativity with others who may be experiencing  (or want to experience) their own transformation!

The following key points are covered:

~ Appreciating and celebrating the creative personality

~ Creating a passionate life

~ Increasing the innate powers of observation

~ Developing perspective that extends far beyond a career

~ Learning strategies for personal growth

~ Mastering the steps necessary to begin a creative journey

“Inside The Mind of A Jewelry Designer: Inspiration, Passion and The Journey to Your Creative Self” is available in Paperback,  Kindle , Nook and Autographed Copy versions.  

Book Reviews:

 An exploration in unleashing her creative passion. Alene takes the reader on her personal journey of becoming more self aware, developing a plan, and then putting those inspired steps into action in order to develop a new and growing artistic business. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just about jewelry, this book will inspire anyone feeling a little “creatively stuck”. As a bonus, Alene has also included some of her jewelry pieces that are sure to inspire and other useful information regarding the art of jewelry design itself.  ~ Ingrid Donaldson 
This book takes you through the journey of a woman’s self-reflection and discovery of life’s joys as she lets go of self-imposed boundaries through her newly-found love of creating jewelry. You can feel the “high” she enjoys as she lets life take her to new levels of creativity in her jewelry design. Seeing her designs and reading the stories of the inspirations behind each is a bonus.  Janna M.
This is a MUST READ if you are at a stage in life where you are questioning why you are here, as I have often questioned.  If you are someone who has already discovered your “passion”, this book will enhance your experience.  I also enjoyed the information about the different gems. I have several gem books (all good) …. but none give the exact information that I was really interested in, like this book does. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book, to enhance jewelry knowledge and/or to perfect or connect yourself to your personal passion. ~ Melanie

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