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Gentles Waves’ Sprinkled Silver Copper Cuff Bracelet 1 1/2″ wide.

Pure cop4 Gentle Wave Sprinkled Silver VIGper and sterling silver are fused together to create this elegant cuff bracelet. Edge are crimped to create the gentle wave effect.  Sprinkled Silver is my copyrighted name for this design process. Limited Edition of ONE.  

Copper/silver is treated to maintain the finish and inhibit oxidation




2 Picture Jasper CZ VIG

Picture Jasper and Cubic Zirconia sterling necklace

Bold and Gorgeous! This picture jasper gemstone lives up to it’s reputation. The inclusions in the stone look like a stunning landscape! three CZ gemstones enhance the stone and add pizazz.  Features a sterling silver front toggle, which creates lots of interest when worn.  Limited Edition of ONE

Pendant with toggle is 2″ tall. Necklace is 18″ long.






  1. Nice work. How do you treat your copper jewelry to avoid people getting green fingers etc? David

    • Thanks for the comment David. I use a spray called PermaLac. It coats the Copper and prevents the greening. I normally use 3 coats on the underside to be sure it seals properly. I get this from Industrial Metal Supply here in Phoenix. It works great and is much better than Krylon.

  2. Beautiful jewelry

    • Thanks so much Donna!

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