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new header for web 2013

NEW: GALLERY COLLECTION.  gallery quality one-of-a kind jewelry pieces

Pure Copper Cuff Bracelets:  Copper, sterling and gemstone components.

Sacred Spiral Collection:  this ancient symbol is incorporated into my designs.

Stone Soup Legend Collection: ‘A Tale of Sharing’ using large natural slabs of gemstones as the focal point.

‘Take a Risk’ signature collection:  fused Sterling and copper.  Reminding you to take risks in your own life!

Starfish ‘Make a Difference’ Pendants: Who can you make a difference to today?

Earrings: pure metal and gemstone styles. Each one is a limited edition.

Rings: Sterling and gemstone and my signature copper with Sterling… for Men, too!

Pendants and Necklaces: featuring my signature ‘GEO’ collection.

Gemstone Bracelets: Designed with elegance in mind

Closeouts:  Discontinued collections at discounted prices. Check here often!

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